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Civil law

We provide legal services within the entire gamut of the area of civil law. This especially involves the drawing up and submission of contracts and contracts concerning real estate. We provide consultancy in the matter of inheritance law, especially during the drawing up of wills and we represent clients in inheritance proceedings. A significant part of civil law involves family law and especially the area of divorce, marital property and the affairs of minors, for which we also have specialists to resolve this area.

We represent our clients in matters concerning debt recovery, including at first instance trials and execution proceedings and, if necessary, in insolvency proceedings. A further variant involves representation in arbitration proceedings. A significant area of our services also involves the legal representation of clients in disputes concerning compensation for damages or during disputes concerning the protection of personal rights. We also have extensive experience in the area of insurance law, both during the recovery of outstanding premiums and during the application of regressive receivables. We also provide legal consultancy to insurance brokers and claims adjusters. 


Our specialists: