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Copyright and software law

We provide legal support to companies, which develop new solutions and innovative products and have to adequately protect the results of these activities, in association with the dynamic developments in this area. We secure the registration of trademarks for our clients both within the framework of the Czech Republic and the EU and worldwide. We provide legal support and consultancy in the matters of intellectual property and copyright and we represent our clients in disputes concerning unfair competition. We have extensive experience in the segment of IT law and the internet where we provide our clients with comprehensive legal services associated with the development of software and its provision to order and we draw up licence contracts and contracts for the provision and rental of software. We also assess the legal aspects of the operation of websites and web-hosting and we represent clients in the area of domain disputes and so on. An important area also concerns the protection of personal information in information systems. More information for companies from the pharmacy and cosmetics segment can be found here.


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