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The insolvency administrators

The law office has a specialised department which is involved with the insolvency agenda. The expert guarantor in this department is Mgr. Jiří Zrůstek, who has passed both the examination for insolvency administrators and the special examination for insolvency administrators. As well as the activities of insolvency administrators, this department is also involved in the representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings, the provision of legal services during the drawing up of insolvency petitions, the representation of creditors in incidental and exempting disputes and the provision of comprehensive legal consultancy in insolvency law. Our law office has also engaged the exclusive cooperation of the insolvency administrator and solicitor, Dr Zdeňka Prudilová Koníčková, who previously worked for 10 years as an expert assistant to the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic where she worked closely with Judge Dr. Zdeněk Krčmář, the main creator of insolvency law in the Czech Republic.